About us

Tee Off For Dogs was founded by Frank Frand, who is visually impaired with a guide dog living and working in Orange County, California. Frank was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that affects the size of the retina and has no cure, and may lead to complete blindness. Being legally blind, he applied to Guide Dogs for the Blind and was accepted into the program. April 22, 2001, Frank became the proud partner of his first guide dog, Jacklyn ( a golden labrador retriever mix). His confidence went through the roof with Jacklyn at his right side, she gave him his freedom in a sighted world and lead to improve considerably his quality of life.

As a sighted person, Frank was active in many sports, include tennis, rugby and running with the bulls. With Jacklyn he was able to participate in sporting activities again. Golf become a new curiosity for Frank. Soon after golf became a sport that they could enjoy together. Frank tried swinging while Jacklyn enjoyed walking around, discovering the golf course. Having participated in a charity golf tournament, the idea of creating one to raise money for GBD made perfect sense.

Guide Dog Month, Thank you for your share and support: